• Leadership St. Landry Class 2

    When the Leaders of St. Landry are strong the future is bright! The St. Landry Chamber Foundation is dedicated to developing well rounded leaders in the community through providing insight into the major industries affecting economic development and commerce. Participants will experience immersive Program Days which include panels, tours, keynotes, leadership development, community resource awareness, and teambuilding activities that focus on the fields of Healthcare, Education, State Government, Local Government, Workforce Development and Media/ Tourism, Infrastructure, and Economic Development in St. Landry Parish.
    - Develop well rounded leaders of today and tomorrow
    - Identify community assets and partners directly related to economic prosperity
    - Build relationships that directly benefit participants and the parish of St. Landry
    Business Address
    A copy of a current resume with brief description of current responsibilities.
    List notable activities, programs, and events in which you have participated during the past 5 years, include any offices held, certificates earned, and awards or recognition received.
    Identify several current issues and opportunities within the region and expand on the one that most interests you.
    Tuition Assistance
    Only applicable to participants paying out-of-pocket and/or representing a non-profit organization. Tuition Assitance is not Guaranteed.
    Please attach the form here.
    By Submitting this application, you have read and agreed to all requirements listed on our informational page.
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