• Humanitarian Nomination

  • Do you know an outstanding citizen who goes above and beyond to share their time and talent to improve the quality of life within our community?  Have you served along side of a citizen who did something truly innovative to help an organization survive or thrive?  If so, tell us about that special individual and why he or she deserves recognition.   Award will be presented Monday, February 19th, 2018 during the Chamber Annual Membership and Awards Dinner.  Submissions for nominations are due no later than January 19th, 2018.

    Shine the Spotlight on Good Work

    To give citizens who are involved in public service activities the attention they deserve, the St. Landry Chamber of Commerce (COC) is seeking nominations for the 2018 Humanitarian Award.  Presented by the COC, the award is an honor for public service leadership, impact, involvement, and innovation of a St. Landry Parish citizen.

    Standards of Excellence

    Basis:  This award will be given when appropriate, only if one qualifies.  When given, it will be presented to an individual who has years of service to a particular cause and has impacted the community in a unique (special) way.  His/her contribution is an unselfish willingness to give of their time and talent in public service (non-elected official).  This individual's effort would be in a more limited scope which would not qualify him/her for the Citizen of the Year Award.   

    Certain criteria have been established for the selection of public service award nominees.  Award recipients are chosen based on the following:

    •    Leadership: The positions the candidate has held and any substantial accomplishments during those terms.

    •    Impact: The impact the candidate has made on the community, as well as the number of people who benefited from the candidate’s activities.

    •    Involvement: The number of hours the candidate devotes to community service.

    •    Innovation: Whether the candidate has done something truly different or outstanding or if the contribution by the candidate is unique in any way.

    It’s Great to Nominate – and Easy Too
    To nominate a deserving male or female, or both, for the COC’s 2018 Humanitarian Award, please complete a nomination form below and click submit.

    THE FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT IN ENTIRETY. Attachments, such as detailed descriptions of service, references, letters of support, and background articles, are strongly encouraged.  Please note that only public service activities should be described.  List responses/activities in order of significance to the nominee.  Prominence should be given to the nominee’s current service and activities.

  • To submit your Nomination fill out the Online Application below or Download the Physical Application and return it to the St. Landry Chamber of Commerce Office via email (chamberdesk@stlandrychamber.com) or by turning in or mailing the application to 109 West Vine Street, Opelousas, LA 70570.

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