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    When the Leaders of St. Landry are strong the future is bright! The St. Landry Chamber is dedicated to developing well rounded leaders in the community through developing insight into the major industries affecting economic development and commerce.Participants will experience immersive Program Days which include panels, tours, keynotes, leadership development and teambuilding activities that focus on the fields of Healthcare, Education, State Government, Local Government, Workforce Development,  Media& Tourism, Infrastructure, and Economic Development in St. Landry Parish.


    • Develop well rounded leaders of today and tomorrow
    • Identify community assets and partners directly related to economic prosperity
    • Build relationships that directly benefit participants and the parish of St. Landry

    Schedules and Agendas

    Leadership St. Landry Program Days will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Beginning on January 13th, 2021 with a full day orientation and retreat and ending on September 8th, 2021.Days begin at 9am and conclude no later than 4pm. Each day will feature 3 breaks where participants are asked to stay on site but may handle other business. Participants will be notified of any changes in program schedule no later than 30 days beforehand. Each day will feature one immersive topic relating to community and commerce development. Each Day will also feature a professional leadership development experience relating back to the retreat. A Graduation Ceremony for those participants who meet program requirements will be held in September.

    Selection Process

    Candidates will be selected primarily on the basis of prior leadership experience and the desire to become a more effective leader. A special subcommittee from the St. Landry Chamber of Commerce will make the final selections. Only Applicants with a completed application form signed by their employers will be considered.

    Participants must:

    • Complete full Application with Signatures by Deadline:
    • Be a Member/ Representatives in good standing with the St. Landry Chamber of Commerce
    • Provide personal transportation to locations throughout St. Landry Parish
    • Attend each of the 8 sessions, one absence may be permitted with prior approval of the Chamber CEO. (Arriving or departing 1 hour later or early will result in a ½ day absence)

    Tuition and Funding

    The Leadership St. Landry Pilot program tuition fee is $750. The enrollment fee covers scheduled class meals, breaks, class materials, training, graduation ceremony and membership to Leadership St. Landry Alumni. The candidate is responsible for in parish transportation other out- of-pocket expenses not directly related to Leadership St. Landry.


    Tuition Assistance

    For applicants paying out of pocket or representing a non-profit organization, tuition assistance may be available. Tuition assistance is not guaranteed and is limited based on sponsorship. If you feel you need tuition assistance please market the appropriate box.

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