• École Saint-Landry



    About Us

    Located in Sunset, École Saint-Landry is a tuition-free, public, French immersion elementary charter school, open to all children living anywhere in Saint Landry Parish. Bus transportation is provided free of charge.

    Our mission is to prepare students from the Acadiana region to be academically proficient, bilingual, and globally competent. Our school closes the gaps of academic achievement and supports the local community in their efforts to preserve and revitalize at-risk cultural assets by offering an innovative, research-based French immersion education to students. École Saint-Landry is a school “inspired by our past, empowered by our identity, [and] prepared for our future.” We are dedicated to this motto in our continual efforts to play an important role in our community’s revitalization.

    Our teachers are from France and Belgium, and every subject is taught in French except for English Language Arts. Our administrators are Louisiana natives fluent in the French language.

    The French language is such an important part of our Cajun and Creole heritage in Louisiana, and a major generator of tourism for our state. The vision of our school is that graduates of École Saint-Landry will be citizens who possess the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors necessary to thrive in today's increasingly interconnected world. The students of École Saint-Landry will become cultural assets in their own right and will be ambassadors of global competency. Their successes will represent the effectiveness and power of biliteracy in our community and beyond.

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