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    About Us

    Casian Cuisine.

    Who are we, we are two sisters from the Philippines. We started Casian Cuisine back in 2014 when we realized local people like to eat or try food from other countries. We found it hard to buy Filipino produce and spices so we decided to use local and with our cooking skills Casian Cuisine was born. We travel to Markets and Festivals in and around St Landry to cook our food.


    Casian Cusine new banner with St Landry Chamber of Commerce logo
    Filipino Satay. Tender Chicken marinated in Casian Spices before been grilled and based in a fusion of coconut, chili and peanut sauce.
    Filipino Pancit. Meat and vegetables marinated and cooked with Casian Spices before adding Filipino Rice Noodles.  Squeeze on the lime for that added zing.
    Casian Cusine getting ready for cooking on July 4th
    Home made Steam bun filled with BBQ Pork. This dish can be deep fried once it has been steamed. Add Casian Cuisines home made sweet chili sauce for added flavor
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