• JS Clark Leadership Academy



    About Us

    The mission of JS Clark Leadership Academy (JSCLA) is to provide an exceptional education to all students through Project-Based Learning enhanced by a technology-rich environment where there is a shared responsibility for school success among teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and students.

    Moreover, our vision is to sustain an academic culture characterized by a rigorous and intellectually challenging curriculum with high standards that are culturally sensitive, and promote excellence that will prepare our graduates for college and beyond. Students will develop solid academic content knowledge and distinctive interdisciplinary skills in problem solving, communications, self-management, and teamwork. Students will receive extended instruction time in core subjects as well as tutoring or enrichment. JS Clark Leadership Academy students will do more than learn: They will LEAD. Students’ learning will become meaningful as they apply their content knowledge and skills to act on and resolve “real world” issues that will lead to strong leadership characteristics, values and self-confidence as part of building successful leaders.


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