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    About Us

    Keem’s Greens is a business that explores healthy food options in numerous different ways to make it convenient for everyone. Keem’s Greens offers signature salads that focus on your current diet choice. Giving options to healthier food without making it difficult, but not intimidating as well to newcomers. Providing each and every customer with detailed information about each ingredient in their bowl is a way we get our customers comfortable eating something new. This allows them to be open to explore other foods that they may haven’t been open to before. While assuring the customer has access to the benefit of their food is important to us, providing them amazing flavors each and every time is equally important. I’m addition to our salads we have smoothies, smoothie bowls, fruit juices, fruit bowls, balance bowls, trail mix, protein powders, herbal teas, and more. This is Keem’s Greens main goal to provide healthier options in every way possible, but assure it’s convenient on a daily basis. Not only is healthy options our focus, but building a fun interactive environment, but relaxed enough for the hard working students to study at as well. This Keem’s Greens.

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