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    OGH Imaging is in the process of upgrading their MRI services and will soon offer a second Hitachi Oval MRI scanner. OGH Imaging was the first facility in Louisiana to use the Hitachi Oval 1.5 T MRI system. Since we introduced it in 2015, many of our patients have commented on the comfort of this machine compared to the other MRI systems in the community. The oval shaped opening offers the most comfortable patient experience available and OGH Imaging is the only outpatient location to offer the convenience of a television entertainment system which will make your exam a more enjoyable experience. The technology offered in the Hitachi Oval enables us to image body parts that have metal in the area by using a special metal suppression package. Involuntary patient motion can ruin images on most MRI images, but the Hitachi Oval has a technology that can compensate for some patient motion. Come see for yourself what outstanding customer service, fair pricing and the latest technology can do to meet your medical imaging needs. Tell your doctor that you choose OGH Imaging. Its your choice, your money and ultimately your experience.

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