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    About Us

    Sunset Antique Market is a unique picker's paradise located inside of the old antique sweet potato warehouses in Sunset, Louisiana. The market started in 2007 when, realtor, Vincent Nicholson was asked to sell the fifty+ year old sweet potato farm that belonged to a man named Pat Richard. No one was interested in buying all of the warehouses, so Pat Richard suggested to Vince that he should purchase the buildings. After further thought, Vincent decided to go through with buying two of the sweet potato warehouses where he opened an outdoor flea market. It eventually became an indoor market as business grew. In 2010, with business booming, Vincent decided to use both the grey and red warehouse space for his antique market. Today, both warehouses are filled with unique vendor booths that sell antiques, collectibles, specialty art, and much more. Now, thanks to the support that the Sunset Antique Market has received, Vince wants to begin a new tradition in Sunset, an outdoor market called Sunrise at Sunset Antique Market.
    Visitors from all over the country have seen our market in antique publications and the Louisiana Life magazine. Come and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about in Sunset. Come pass a good time, see you soon!

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