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    Our unstoppable mindset sparked a revolution. Putting people first, treating them right, and changing
    the rules in their favor. As the Un-carrier, we changed the wireless industry by abolishing barriers and unnecessary complexities. We led by example. And that was just the start. In 2020, T-Mobile and Sprint came together in a historic merger to represent a bigger and better company
    with even bigger and bolder aspirations. Today, our success makes possible what was impossible before: A transformative network experience connecting Americans nationwide. Our combined people and assets, along with our newfound scale and capabilities, position us to lead this industry through the 5G era and beyond. As the leader in 5G, our network already covers more of America than anyone else. AND WE’RE NOT DONE. WE ARE INVESTING BILLIONS IN OUR NETWORK TO PROVIDE 5G FOR ALL . Fast and reliable internet connectivity has become one of the most important differentiators of societal equity today, powering everything from education, to our work, civic engagement, and even healthcare. Those who lack access are often at a disadvantage. As a combined company, we said that we would work to build a network for ALL—one that brings the benefits of 5G to as many Americans as possible. We’re keeping our promise. For far too long, small towns and rural areas across the country have been under-resourced and underserved by wireless and internet companies. One quarter of all households in rural America lack access to any high-speed broadband. Of the households that do have access, 40% live in areas with only one provider. In the next five years, we aim to build a transformational 5G network to reach more cities and towns in the U.S. than anyone else. In doing so, 90% of rural Americans will be able to connect to a world of opportunity.

    Our T- Mobile store in Opelousas , LA could not be more excited to serve the community with any wireless and high speed internet needs.

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