• Benefits 

  • Top 10 Benefits to Chamber Members

    1. Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, and Business After Hours

    The Chamber can promote your business whether it is just starting out or expanding into a new building. With your Grand Opening or Ribbon Cutting done with the Chamber you can be sure that business leaders will know the name of your business. You may even see your business’s Grand Opening or Ribbon Cutting in the local paper! When hosting or attending a Business After Hours, you become connected in a more personal manner to those same business leaders.

    2. Free Educational Seminars and Networking Events 

    Connect with other businesses and learn at the same time with the Chamber’s many educational seminars. Members can socialize and establish relationships with one another, while at the same time teaching each other and creating a more well-rounded business atmosphere.

    3. Unique Marketing Opportunities

    The Chamber is always finding new ways to promote business in St. Landry Parish. We have many opportunities to help your business shine through sponsorship opportunities, special introductions, and speaking opportunities. We love to provide support to our members who are learning how to promote themselves on social media. 

    4. Business Guidance

    One of the most valuable advantages of becoming a Chamber Member is the opportunity to learn more about owning a business. At the Chamber we have many established businesses who know their way around the block. With the guidance of these mentors making your business grow and become the stable entity that it can be will be that much easier.

    5. Online Job Posting

    One of the cornerstones of a business rests with its employees. Hiring the right person for the job can make or break a business, especially in bijou communities where everyone knows everyone. The Chamber provides Members a place to post jobs in an easily accessible interface that is sure to connect you with the right people for the job.

    6. The St. Landry Chamber Foundation 

    The Chamber's Foundation is a fast growing conduit of professional growth and development in the Parish. Members of the chamber will be presented with opportunities to volunteer, donate, and/or participate in Leadership St. Landry, The scholarship program, Youth Leadership Council, and the Jr. CEO Camp. 

    7. Monthly Networking Opportunities

    Lunch & Learns, Business After Hours, Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, and Groundbreakings, Annual Special Events, Business at Breakfast, Chamber Committees, and the Board of Directors are all available for the Chamber member to connect to the community in which they reside. Connecting with the Chamber means connecting to a support system for your business.

    For a more in depth look at the Chamber’s Networking Opportunities click here.

    8. Community & Government Representation

    The government in St. Landry Parish pays attention to the Chamber. As an individual, in a corporate sense or literal, there is only so much influence you have over your governing body. However, one of the core values of being an American is the opportunity for the voice of the people as a group to be heard by their leaders. In essence, you can shout a lot louder in a group than alone, and the Chamber is a large group.

    The Chamber will push for policies that benefit established and emerging businesses in our community. Working at all levels of government, the Chamber will dutifully represent all residents through participation in parish and city council meetings. Your voice will be heard in St. Landry Parish.

    Not only will the Chamber alert you to policies that affect them on the municipality and parish levels, but we will also be working with State projects. As a member of the Chamber, you will be represented to your government in a way that would take years to be recognized on your own.

    9. Organizational Business Promotion Opportunities

    Have an event going on that you want the community to know about? The Chamber can help with that. Members are given the opportunity to promote anything your organization does that is related to business. The Chamber can also co-host events you would like to put on, making things easier for you, and provide coverage you never would have otherwise.

    10. Business Referrals

    If you provide a good or service that is in demand by another member of the Chamber we can refer you to them giving you the opportunity to show your stuff. But the benefit does not stop with business to business referrals. Members, with the new Chamber website, can be referred to completely new customers. A total stranger, a visitor or tourist or local, can call or request info from the Chamber on the specific type of service or good provided in the area. We will then refer Chamber Members that fit the bill. You, who provides said service or good, will then receive an email with their contact information.

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