• Leadership St. Landry Kicks Off With Orientation Day

    When the Leaders of St. Landry are strong, the future is bright, and it could've gotten any brighter than day one and the orientation of Leadership St. Landry on Jan. 20 at the Sunset Community Center in Sunset. Leadership St. Landry was made possible by the sponsorship of CLECO.

    A total of 15 participants were accepted into the program and were present for the first of eight Program Days which included leadership demonstrations and tools of the trade from Brent Henley, CEO of The Pyramid Group. Henley facilitated activities and discussions that encouraged the development of partnerships with businesses and professionals and the best methods possible for improving performance.

    Through Henley and The Pyramid Group, Leadership participants gained experience in different facets of businesses: Performance, technology, building leadership diversity and communication skills.

    Participants for the Leadership St. Landry includes business owners, community liaisons and individuals invested in the future of the community and the lives of those who live and work here. 

    “The St. Landry Chamber is dedicated to developing well-rounded leaders in the community through developing insight into the major industries affecting economic development and commerce,” said Raquella Manuel, President & CEO of St. Landry Chamber of Commerce.

    Throughout the course of the program and the months to follow, the 15 participants of the Leasherhip St. Landry will gain the necessary experience with panels, tours, keynotes, leadership development and team building activities that focus on the fields of healthcare, education, state government, local government, workforce development and media and tourism, infrastructure, and economic development in St. Landry Parish. 

    Manuel noted that the overall goal for Leadership St. Landry is to develop well-rounded leaders of today and tomorrow.

     “We want to identify community assets and partners directly related to economic prosperity,” Manuel said.”And we want to Build relationships that directly benefit participants and the parish of St. Landry.”


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